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What is the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp

The Valuation Master Class Boot Camp is created to equip you with the skills required to work as an investment banker, asset manager, equity analyst, or become a value investor

  • It’s tough to know where to start your career in finance;

    let Dr. Stotz mentor you to land your dream job

    It’s hard to find a teacher and mentor who can truly help advance your career. Dr. Stotz has taught and mentored thousands of students and will personally mentor you in the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp. He will help you get focused on the career path in finance that is right for you. Importantly, once you have completed the course, Dr. Stotz will promote you through his network of finance professionals to help you secure your finance internship or dream job.

  • It’s challenging to develop in-demand industry skills;

    learn the exact skills that helped Dr. Stotz become a #1 analyst

    Universities teach finance theory, not the skills needed to be successful at a job in finance. Self-study can be confusing, time-consuming, and mainly brings you book knowledge. Even the knowledge you gain from passing the CFA Level 1 exam does not give you skills you can immediately apply. In the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp, you will learn the valuation frameworks, tools, and techniques Dr. Stotz used to become a No. 1 analyst. You will finish with valuable skills you can apply at your job to value real-world companies.

  • It’s hard to get a finance job without real-world experience;

    gain that experience through valuing actual companies

    In the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp, you will gain the experience needed to become a successful investment banker, asset manager, or equity analyst. You will gain this experience through daily analysis of stocks and the markets. You get to apply the financial analysis you learn to actual companies and complete a full valuation report. This report is proof you have the real-world experience needed to land that next job.

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3 Reasons you should join
The Valuation Master Class Boot Camp

By the end of the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp,
you will have:

  • Committed to the career path in finance that is right for you

    Dr. Stotz will guide you to identify the career path in finance that best suits you and help you acquire the skills to succeed. You will begin to see a clear career path ahead.

  • Gained real experience from writing a professional research report

    You will forecast and value actual companies and write one professional research report which will demonstrate your skills to future employers.

  • Learned the exact skills to help you become a leading analyst

    Learn the proprietary frameworks and tools that Dr. Stotz developed that took him from beginner to #1 analyst. These tools will save you hours and accelerate your career.

  • Mastered how to present your valuation conclusions powerfully

    Use the presentation framework Dr. Stotz created over three decades as a head of research, university lecturer, and case competition judge. Demonstrate your new skills by confidently presenting and defending your valuation conclusions.

  • Created an attractive LinkedIn profile

    Create an attractive LinkedIn profile and make regular posts of your progress in the course so that future employers take notice. Upon completion, receive a LinkedIn certification in valuation and a personal recommendation from Dr. Stotz.

  • Come closer to an interview for your dream job

    After you finish the entire course, Dr. Stotz will promote you to his global network of financial professionals to help you get an interview for an internship or job.

Who is the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp for?

Ambitious university student

Bomb is a results-driven student who recently got accepted at a top university in the US. Before starting his studies, he wanted to establish a network of like-minded people and gain practical experience.


Upon submitting his final research project in the Boot Camp, Dr. Stotz arranged an interview at a leading investment bank in the US, resulting in an internship.

Frustrated trader

Tong started as a day trader and mainly analyzed price charts when making investment decisions. After many ups and downs, he realized that he was not consistently profitable with his daily trades. At which time, he decided to shift his focus to understand the companies he invests in deeply. 


The Valuation Master Class Boot Camp helped him to analyze the company’s financials and estimate its value. Now, he combines fundamental analysis with price charts and is more consistently profitable.

Business grad entering finance

Chris’s dream is to become a fund manager. He successfully passed the CFA level I and his bachelor’s degree in business. He was struggling to find ways to apply his theoretical knowledge to real-world projects.


After valuing actual companies and writing a complete equity research report in the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp, he is well-equipped to kick off his career in finance. Upon completion, Dr. Stotz helped him to land an internship at a local asset management company.

Shifting career to finance

Varuth comes from a non-finance background but wants to shift his career into the finance industry. During the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp, he learned how to read and analyze financial statements from scratch. 


By the end of the course, he was able to present his company valuation project confidently. His continuous strive for knowledge allowed him to catch up with his finance peers quickly, and he is now prepared to enter his first finance job.


Your mentor

Andrew Stotz, Ph.D., CFA

CEO, A. Stotz Investment Research

In 1992, Dr. Stotz left a management career at Pepsi-Cola in California to teach finance in Thailand and has not stopped teaching since. In 1993, he found his life calling as a financial analyst, a job for which he was eventually voted #1 in Thailand.


In the second half of his 20-year career in investment banking, Dr. Stotz was a head of research leading teams of financial analysts. During that time, he served as a two-time president of CFA Society Thailand and now runs his own firm, A. Stotz Investment Research, which provides research and tools for institutions and high-net-worth investors; as well as, helps CEOs make their companies financially world-class.


He holds a Bachelor of Science in finance and an MBA from California State University and earned his Ph.D. in finance at the University of Science and Technology of China. Andrew lives in Bangkok with his 82-year-old mother, who will attest that he remains an analyst at heart!

What our students said about Valuation Master Class

Is this Boot Camp suitable for me? 

Is the Boot Camp conducted online?

Can I attend the Boot Camp if I don’t have a financial background?

Can I attend the Boot Camp if I’m working or studying full time?

How advanced are the lessons? Will I be able to keep up?

Could this help me land a job?​

Could this help me to change my career path to work in finance?​

Could it help me beat the market and become a better investor?

You will be required to manage a model portfolio from the day you start until graduation day. This will raise your understanding of what it takes to manage risk and return. In addition, you will gain a better understanding of what drives markets and the factors that drive the valuation of a business.

Is the Boot Camp all 5 modules of the Valuation Master Class?

What is the difference between Boot Camp and Foundation?

Is the content practical and useful in the real world?

I’ve already attended the Valuation Master Class. Should I join the Boot Camp too?

Can this course help me with passing the CFA exam?

Could this help me become a better manager?

Do you have any courses to deepen my knowledge further after the Boot Camp?

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